Materials used

Materials used in the Chi-Builder.

Chi-Builder Technologies:


  • ·        Far-Infrared Radiation (FAR)
  • ·        Rebounding
  • ·        LED Light Therapy
  • ·        Visual, Sound and Aroma Therapy
  • ·        Vibrational Therapy
  • ·        Principle of Sacred Geometry
  • ·        Principle of Feng Shui

    Chi-Builder Features:

  • ·        Surround Sound & Sub-Woofer
  • ·        iPod/iPad Adapter and AV Input
  • ·        High Powered Fan
  • ·        Essential Oil Diffuser*
  • ·        Medical Grade Air Purifier*
  • ·        EMF Free Far-Infrared Panels*
  • ·        Flat Panel TV with DVD/CD Player

Because of Jerry’s Background as the Biggest Builder in Oregon from 1994-2008, he could not take short cuts on the materials used for the Chi-Builder. Only the finest Cedar, no nails – it fits together like a puzzle.


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The Chi-Builder is the world’s first whole-body optimizing system.

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