Weightloss & Fitness

Weight Loss & Fitness

The Standard American Diet (SAD), compounded by a lack of exercise and overall physical fitness is another cause of poor health. Our lifestyles simply don’t afford us enough organic activity, and exercising is time consuming or difficult to motivate ourselves to do. Chi-Building provides weight loss that is both fast and sustainable, which sound too good to be true, and probably was, before the Chi-Builder. In the short-term, it provides a complete flush of water weight. It’s common for people to lose 2-6 pounds in one Chi-Building session due to this, even though they keep themselves hydrated with plenty of fresh water throughout. This provides the kind of motivation that will naturally keep you coming back for more, accomplishing in under an hour what people go on fasts and crash diets for days to accomplish. It also burns calories like wild fire, which produces long-term and sustainable weight loss, through not only the sweating (which easily burns 300-600 calories per session on its own), but the exercise and movement of using the rebounder. A rebounder is a small trampoline that you jump on for therapeutic exercise. NASA advocates it as the “The World’s most Perfect  Exercise,”  because it’s low impact, burns 15% more calories than jogging in the same amount of time and improves your health by stimulating the lymphatic system.  Rebounding tones every muscle in the body, is virtually effortless and fun to do!


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The Chi-Builder is the world’s first whole-body optimizing system.

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