LOVE LOVE LOVE the chi builder. I can stay in twice as long as a traditional sauna and sweat WAY more. Has helped with my severe allergies and weight loss. I wish I could get around to using the Chi Builder every day. Leaves me feeling great, relaxed, and limber!! 
Jarred Krauthamer, Portland Oregon
Great workshop last weekend! Feeling a much needed recharge after using the Chi Builder with Tumo breathing in addition to everything else that weekend!!!
Marina O’Boyle, Eugene Oregon

My name is Adam Junior. I am a business professional and VP in an international Sales Company. I had the opportunity to spend a week with my friend Mr. Jerry Reeves in a guest home in Woodlands Washington where i engaged in a week of using the Chi-Builder as well as healthy eating and meditation with both Mr. Reeves as well as another dear friend Ms. Petra Nicoll. I spent the week in Washington as a way of detoxing my body and learning new healthy habits. These included food preparation and nutrition as well as meditation and most of all using the Chi-Builder to engage my metabolism at a new level. I went into the week optimistic as well as a bit sceptical.

After just a short 24-48 hours of using the Chi-Builder i was amazed at how much better i felt. The bloating i was experiencing was reduced and i felt myself becoming much more limber. I felt a rejuvenation and increased energy. I feel that for me this was a weight loss option initially, and has now turned into a vision of self care and health awareness moving forward. The Chi-builder experience allowed me to learn about breathing techniques that allow my body to function in harmony on a cellular level. I have been using these techniques and increasing oxygen levels thereby increasing my daily energy levels. I know that my experience was unique due to my expectations and my body type however i did loose 11 pounds, and felt amazing after my week with Mr. Reeves and Ms. Nicoll. I highly recommend using a Chi-Builder daily as a way of keeping ones metabolism in a high functioning level. I also recommend the Chi-Builder for weight loss and for those looking to keep limber and flexible.
Thank you to Mr. Jerry Reeves and Ms. Petra Nicoll for an amazing week.
Adam Junior, Eagle, Idaho


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