Jerry’s Bio

Bio  -Introducing Your Chi-Builder

Jerry C. Reeves, President of J.C. Reeves Corporation, earned his Structural Engineering degree from the Oregon Institute of Technology. He received his Professional Engineering certificates from Oregon, Washington, and California.

Since 1982 Jerry has developed 17 Neighborhood Communities, including Sherwood View Estates, Monet’s Garden, Hedges Park, Foothills View, Kaitlin Park, Brush College, Tanner Crest, Shalico Woods, Cheyenne Meadows, Hedges Creek, Megan Park, Echo Valley Meadows, Montreux Place, Green Tree  Heights and Ash Meadows. He has built over 3000 homes in the Portland Metropolitan area. Jerry is looking forward to starting homes in his three new communities, Hedges Estates, Miller Crossing and Sequoia Meadows.

Jerry’s communities are renowned for their classic architectural design, the exclusive use of only the best construction materials and quality craftsmanship.

The Portland Home Builders Association selected Jerry, due to his expertise in structural engineering, to serve as its representative on Oregon’s Lateral Engineering Task Force. Chicago Title has recently asked him to serve on their Advisory Board.

One of the few elements to developing which most homeowners are unaware are the meetings with local city council and county commissions.

Jerry is an active participant in many of these meetings to ensure communities are afforded every amenity local authorities can grant. Jerry is dedicated to preserving the natural setting Oregonians take for granted.


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