About J.C. Reeves

Excellence By Design 

 “From Biggest Builder in Oregon to Chi-Builder”

Jerry C. Reeves began building houses in 1980,  then founded the J.C. Reeves Corporation in 1982, dedicating himself to building communities of quality-built homes. The company had grown to rank as the region’s number one luxury custom home builder in the State of Oregon.

As a developer, Jerry designed subdivisions with a vision of a finished community in mind. The topography of the land, street layout and lot shape, slope and size are all factors in creating the best “feel” to the subdivision.

After experiencing some serious set- backs in his business and after the housing market crashed in 2008, Jerry became very concerned about some of the Building Practices in the US and decided to diversify his interests. He attended one of the Nation’s best Feng Shui Schools and became a Feng Shui Master. Little did he know that this would change his life and subsequently lead him to building the first CHI-BUILDER!

The original idea came out a real human need

Jerry had been suffering with severe Psoriasis for many years which was brought on by extreme stress.  He had purchased a Far-Infrared Sauna for his house and understood that Far Infrared Rays are very healing to the skin and the body system. In another room he had a “Rebounder Trampoline”.  When he would get sweaty in the Sauna and then step out to jump on the Rebounder he wondered how he could keep the sweat going and suddenly had the idea that if he figured out how implement the Rebounder into the Sauna then he would not lose the momentum of the Sweat.

With his structural Engineering Background, his sensitivity to perfect design and placement,  JC Reeves developed the  World’s First Total Body Optimizing System called the  “Chi-Builder”!




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The Chi-Builder is the world’s first whole-body optimizing system.

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